bikes, bikes, bikes.

i changed my gear ratio while i was at it.

in my underwear, nonetheless.

But Bike Ladies Unite, why are you posting a photo of a scantily-clad lady on your anti-objectification bike blog? 

Well, concerned reader, that is a great question! This photo differs in important ways from the nude photos that many of us are fed up with. The woman is actively engaged in and focused on the task at hand, one that demonstrates her competence at a learned skill. Although she’s not wearing many clothes, the composition emphasizes her interaction with the wheel, not her body. And unlike riding a bicycle, it’s perfectly practical to change a tube in your underwear, so the image is realistic and doesn’t draw particular attention to her appearance. 

BUT ENOUGH WITH THE BORING FEMINIST COMMENTARY! Let’s just all agree that being good at working on bikes is super awesome and quite sexy. 

I wish I was better at working on bikes…


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    I like it.
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    This chick is rad. Awesome hair, beautiful body (so jealous) and can fix her own bike. Man, I need to step up my...
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    dreaming of the feminist bike co op I will join when I move to the ~big city~
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    being good at working on bikes is way awesome and way sexy.